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Did you mean "Fifty" instead of "50" & "Grey" instead of "Gray"?

Buy 50 Shades of Gray is a common misspelling for the title of the first novel in the popular Fifty Shades of Grey storyline, a set of romance books climbing the charts. Check out our buy page for details on the sexy book, its sequels, and more. Or you can Buy 50 Shades of Gray now.

50 Shades of Gray or Grey?

Which spelling is correct, grey or gray? When it comes to the English language, both are used widely, with gray being popular in the United States while grey dominates all other regions of the English-speaking world. Both spellings mean the same thing and neither is an actual spelling or language error. When it comes to the title of the book, the "e" version is indeed the one to use. Researching terms like "Buy 50 Shades of Gray" will probably still get you the information you were looking for, but "Fifty Shades of Grey" is technically the official title for the book and series.

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