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Best Ways To Download 50 Shades

There are several ways to download Fifty Shades of Grey books. Amazon's downloadable Kindle e-books are a great option. They work on a ton of devices or you can download the free Kindle reader onto any computer or tablet device and read Kindle e-books to your heart's content! The price is also good for this option, with 50 Shades of Grey ebooks being quite a bit cheaper than the paperbacks or audiobooks.

Audiobooks for your MP3 player are a second good option. I'd recommend for that or purchasing the audio CDs from Amazon. Both good convenient options. I tried listening to the audiobooks a bit, but my personal preference is for imagining the characters and their voices in my own unique interpretation, so I am not much of an audiobook person.

Good ol' standard paperbacks are always my favorite option. That's what I bought, and it was fun to read all 3 books in the series in that format. As you can see we've got convenient links in the right column of most pages of this site to purchase the books from Amazon, who have low prices and quick shipping (or easy downloading for the Fifty Shades of Grey products). Check it out and enjoy. Hope this helps someone avoid wasting their time on creepy "free" downloads that riddle your computer with spyware and sometimes don't contain the content you were truly looking for.

Why can't I find a free copy?

Well, you probably can if you look hard enough, but is it worth the hassle? I know a ton of people are searching for things like 50 Shades of Grey Download and Fifty Shades of Gray Free Download because they'd love to swipe the book from some convenient file sharing site without purchasing. I get that. When I first heard buzz about the book I did the same thing and checked out online samples of the Master of the Universe fanfiction and the first few chapters of the initial 50 Shades book. That stuff is pretty easy to find. Here's a simple and quick PDF sample of the first novel.

Here's the problem with free downloads. I searched for a while, found a few scraps, some mangled, some including annoying advertisements, and gave up in frustration. Once I'd read a sample of the first volume of the trilogy I was interested enough to want to read the rest in peace and from the convenience of my preferred device (which happens to be hard copy). Purchasing the books seemed worth it to me and I am happy with that decision. It saved me time and hassle. Due to the extreme popularity of these books you can find legal Fifty Shades of Grey downloads with ease... they just ain't free. But the great news is that they are cheap.

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