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Looking for a PDF of 50 Shades of Gray?

As far as I can tell, there's no easy way to obtain a Fifty Shades of Grey PDF since the book has not been officially released in this format. But read on for info on how you might still be able to find one.

The right side of this page lists links to the easiest way to grab Fifty Shades Paperback Books, MP3 Audiobooks, Digital E-Books, and Narrated Audio CDs if you don't want to go through the hassle of searching down a PDF, which will likely be partial or filled with advertisements.

Searches for these PDFs on Google turn up some shady posts online, mostly used by affiliate marketers to generate some cash for themselves. When I first got interested in the book I searched far and wide and tried reading a few mangled P D F copies I found online, but some were filled with ads while others had character names and plot elements changed. I eventually purchased a Fifty Shades e-book and found it to be a cheap and convenient way to read on my favorite digital device. That being said, it looks like you can still find partial or, in rare cases, full PDFs if you look hard enough, sort of. Details below.

Master of the Universe PDFs

By now it is common knowledge that the Fifty Shades novels are revamped adaptations of a free Twilight fan fiction story called Master of the Universe that first appeared online 1-2 years ago. A Twilight fan wrote it as a labor of geeky love and released it for all to see online in various forms, including plain text and PDF. If you search for "MOTU fan fiction" or "Master of the Universe fan fiction" you'll find a lot of information about the original work. It is less polished than 50 Shades, plus it uses character names from Twilight and some of the story details differ, but the original MOTU is a decent way to get the gist of 50 Shades for free. In recent days many copies of Master of the Universe have been removed from websites that once hosted them, but you can still find it if you look hard enough. For example, I notice that the ShareTermPapers website, which is free to register for, still has some threads where a MOTU PDF can be easily downloaded. Here's one. As mentioned, you likely have to register for a free account on that forum system in order to gain access to files posted there.

If you do intend to search for downloadable files of the MOTU stories then it may help to search for the following titles, which the fan fiction is sometimes split into:

  • Master of The Universe Part 1
  • Master of The Universe Part 2
  • MOTU Epilogue

Please remember that MOTU is NOT FSOG. The character names are different, the language has since been updated, and some of the plot elements differ, but MOTU gives you a good rough idea for the contents of FSOG. While I like FSOG better, MOTU is good for some of the same cheap thrills. : )

What is a PDF?

PDF is a popular file format for reading text files on desktop computers. You can download and install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software for your PC or MAC computer, which enables you to easily open and read PDF documents. PDFs are pretty slim in file size, making them easy and quick to transfer by email or FTP, which is sometimes helpful. This file format is a great way to distribute and read digital books.

Can I use it on my digital ebook reader?

Unfortunately, there is no one official format that the majority of premium commercial e-book readers support. Most of the commercial ebook readers on the market work with specialized ebook file formats with smaller file sizes and more features than the average PDF. And most of these devices do not support standard PDFs. So you can't easily use an ebook reader to view a 50 Shades of Grey PDF.

You may also be interested in other 50 Shades PDFs:

  • Fifty Shades Darker PDF
  • Fifty Shades Freed PDF

The same deal outlined above applies to these sequels. You can likely find a free PDF for their crude original form as the Master of the Universe fanfic, but the plot, language and character names will be different. I don't know of any easy way to find legitimate PDF copies. If you can't find any decent free previews online you can easily purchase books 2 and 3 from Amazon or grab the whole trilogy in a discount package.

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