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Interested in reading a Fifty Shades of Grey review? Take a look at what reviewers on the net have to say about the book. Opinions are deeply divided among readers, with half seeming to love the novel and the other half finding the writing to be poor quality.

A large group of dedicated fans is springing up around the novel, similar to the Twilight saga's army of obsessed romantics. But Christian Grey hasn't won everyone over. From a peak at the 50 Shades of Gray review list on any major book store website you can see that a decent 30%-40% portion of the reviews are essentially ripping it apart for having a somewhat amateur writing style (which is to be expected since the book's author was indeed an amateur who wrote it for fun). There is also a lot of criticism out there for the fact the book was originally written as steamy Twilight fan fiction and was eventually converted into a marketable stand-alone product with all the character names altered once it stirred up interest in internet forums. I can't say I blame E L James. Heck, her side hobby became an internet sensation and once you get that many eyeballs on your writing you might as well make a buck off it.

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