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Asking yourself where to buy Fifty Shades of Grey? Check out the right column on this website. We've compiled the most convenient sources on the net for buying 50 shades.

The book had humble beginnings and was originally only available in digital e-book format, but due to its popularity it has now been released widely in physical paperback, audio book, and several other forms. After receiving a huge amount of buzz and press in the first and second quarters of 2012 the book acheived the rare honor of landing the top 3 spots at the same time on Amazon's best seller list! Fans are buying and reading the whole trilogy at a super-fast rate.

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Amazon is probably the most convenient place to purchase the Fifty Shades of Grey paperback books:

Where to Buy 50 Shades of Grey Audio Books

Where can you buy Fifty Shades of Grey audiobooks? Audible.com is a great source for audio books in general. Get the Fifty Shades audiobook here.

Where to Buy Fifty Shades of Gray eBooks

Buy 50 Shades of Grey eBooks from Amazon.com in Kindle format, which is supported on a wide variety of digital reading devices and also provides a free Kindle Reader for your home computer, iPhone, and most other modern digital devices.

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